Phi Long
Phi Long

Price: 200.000 vnd

The Vietnamese chicken is sauced with pure honey and many other kinds of spices before being grilled with char coal. The Phi Long family cuisine has created its own special features.

Price: 30.000 vnd/piece

Chicken leg is the best part of the chicken. Phi Long has always been very careful in saucing the leg to make a it a wonderful dish.

Price: 25.000 vnd/piece

The Phi Long chicken wing is seasoned with delicious honey so the skin is very crispy and the meat is sweet like honey.

Price: 20.000 vnd/2 pieces

These are grilled with chilly salt which is really matched to drink with beer.

Price: 20.000 vnd/stick

The organs are threaded into a stick like the shish-kebab and grilled with a special kind of sauce of Phi Long.

Price: 30.000vnd/portion (10 pieces)

From the Northern sticky rice, Phi Long has combined it with the Southern spices to make the sweet inflated sticky rice cake.

Free of charge


Free of charge

The dressing salad side dish is eaten together with the main dish to lessen the greasy taste of the chicken which creates a fresh feeling after the meal.